lunes, 20 de marzo de 2017

The Brushman

For me the must importan tool for a figure painter is not the paint itself but the brushes, after using and looking lot of brand finally cough my attention an artist hand made brushes (The Brushman) by David Jackson.

The variety of the brushes is huge, just contact with Mr. David's email and he will send you a file with a lot of different brushes designs and materials. Of course I choose the Kolinsky with a very sharp and small sizes for my miniatures.

David sent me a samples of different micro sizes and design brushes and I have to taste them.

The result was very impressive, the brushes are always sharp for every time I did a layer, these small brushes are not made to hold a large amount of paint but is very good for small details like eyes, small textures, lines, etc.

The Brushes always keep the sharp and you can handle very well, I never saw something like this in the market cause the variety of designs is unique, you should try them and you will see.
My favorite size so far are 1 x 7 Kolinsky and 0 x 6 Kolinsky, David call them Kolinsky Spotters.

You can clean the brushes very easily with fresh water and The Masters Brush Cleaner and the brushes will be preserve clean and sharp all the time.

I can not tell you if these brushes are better to other offers in the market like Winsor and Newton or Da Vinci, etc. But I can tell you they are different, hand made is something else and I really recommend these brushes specially to paint small details with very precise result.

You can contact Mr David Jackson by his email:
Or by his Facebook page for more information, prices, catalog, etc.